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My name is Yal. I am a Turkish Canadian and I live, work, and enjoy life all over the world. I am a professional consultant and a business development strategist, practicing internationally since 1972. I am also an entrepreneur in my own right. I develop projects and design business environments. I have extensive educational background in Law, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Marketing & Sales, Industrial Management, and International Business & Globalization.

I was born and raised in Turkey. During my early twenties I immigrated to Canada, and eventually became a Canadian citizen. I have spent the last 53 years in North America and Europe combined, enjoyed tremendous career and personal achievements. Now I am commuting between Canada, United States, Europe and Turkey.

As a result of my accumulated years of experience, I have embarked upon a project which I’d like to call my masterpiece. I have already progressed well into this project and now I am beyond the point of no return. What this means for you, is that this project shall take off, no matter what.

After you read the following pages, I hope you can think of how you can be part of this endeavor and let us discuss further details at your convenience. Without further ado, I present to you:


Grand Bazaar Ala Turk (GBAT) is a department store concept combining the conventional bricks-and-mortar style store with today’s multitude of systems such as loyalty programs, internet shopping, financial facilities.

Online shopping seems to be the trend nowadays. Considering the number of people in the world, and the people with sufficient purchasing power in developed and developing countries, it is safe to assume that online shopping is not going away anytime soon. However, for all the perceived comfort while shopping from your couch, it still has not been able to destroy the traditional shopping experience. There has been and will always be loyal customers preferring the traditional style shopping with touch-and-feel mentality. These customers appreciate the overall experience that is created for them with the ambience, promotional activities, the human interaction and similar components that make up the overall experience.

One major drawback in the solely online shopping sites is that almost all of them are dominated by products from one country: China. Because there is an almost limitless number of customers in the online world (the whole World basically), and there is no accountability as in a physically established store, such online sites can get away with delivering sub-par products and services. To say the least, there is nothing “authentic” about those online stores mostly offering Chinese products.

As such, we also notice that there are department store brands that have successfully maintained their physical stores and complemented the customer experience with online stores of their own: Wayfair, Monoqi, Walmart, Ikea, Bloomingdales, Galeries Lafayette, Debenhams are several to name.

At exactly this point, I have identified a business opportunity that can expand globally by being physically present in select locations in a traditional department store concept.

It has been a lifelong indulgence of mine to promote Turkey and the jewel of Turkey: Istanbul, within my professional and personal circles. I have established travel agencies inside North America’s leading department stores “Hudson’s Bay”, and together with my brother Aydin, who has been a top professional tour guide and a predominant name in the tourism industry in Turkey, we have run those agencies for many years.

Because of my professional background, extensive education and multicultural attitude towards life, I foresee that internet way of marketing goods and services shall come to lose their appeal to young and upcoming Canadians and North Americans sooner than later. As the saying goes “history repeats itself”. Presentation of merchandise in general need to be appealing to captivate audiences. Just like in cruise ships, or resort hotels, or holiday villages; visitors purchase merchandise because the way they are presented, the ambiance, the display settings and the Hollywood movie set style appearances more so in authentic ways of their country of origin and production become key factors for shopping.

In Canada, since most Canadians cross the border to shop in the USA, majority of the goods from fashion to household to electronics to furniture to almost anything are Chinese made. One can argue that there is nothing wrong with those mainstream products, citing that they are produced almost to specified standards. However, they are not, in my opinion, authentic. I think the reason why so many physical stores located in the malls are closing and or losing their appeal is, todays consumer can buy the same and/or similar items frankly from Walmart to almost all drug stores to dollar stores to Costco to Sears*(*unfortunately, they closed all their stores in North America) to Hudson’s Bay, you name it. When the same run-of-the-mill products are available everywhere and online, why should any shopper prefer one department store over the other? The answer in my opinion is: Authenticity and ambiance, which set the base for a different customer experience.

We will be there to fill that gap:

It is high time a new concept of merchandising in a Grand Bazaar atmosphere is introduced.

Our internationally renowned “Kapali Carsi” -Grand Bazaar- has been operating for over 5 centuries. As such, it already is a very strong brand with great value.

Through our company in Istanbul, namely “Istanbul Otantik Carsi”, we will create a department store, inspired by the “GRAND BAZAAR” style, presented “ALA TURK”, in Turkish style.

Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.

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….Baskanin yazisi gelecek…

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