Automotive Ownership

Automotive Ownership

How would you like to drive a Brand-new FORD™ CAR or an SUV or a TRUCK
every other year, for the next 6 years
(This is a 6-year program which provides you a brand-new vehicle to drive for 2 years and bring it back to get another new one and 2 years later one more vehicle of your choice waiting for you…)

- Vehicle of your choice (*) (**) ¹
- Fully insured ²
-Fuel subsidy for up to 170 liters or 45 gallons per month (***)
-GRAND BAZAAR’s Charge Card for you to enjoy
  • You have to qualify for a “GRAND BAZAAR Automotive” Charge Card**** by paying a security depositªª into a designated bank accountª whereby the same card shall also provide you the vehicle driving privileges as shown below.
  • In order to enjoy these privileges, with your membership with the GRAND BAZAAR, please apply online or at available stores, fill out a simple questionnaire and provide a copy of your official ID (driver’s license or passport) together with a utility bill showing your physical address.  
  • Get accepted ***** and receive your Grand Bazaar Charge Card to secure the funds you have paid as deposit and as consideration to drive the Grand Bazaar vehicle you have chosen. 
  • After confirmation of the receipt of your funds sent to our account, you are on your way for a new vehicle to drive for the next 24 months. After that another new Ford for the following 2 years and another brand-new Ford until the end of 6-year period.
  • There is a 30-day processing period before activating your personalized secure Financial Charge Card.   
  • This will be a charge card, initially with the entire deposit amount as being your line of credit with the Grand Bazaar. You do NOT need credit approval***** to get this card. Your security deposit is your credit. You may also finance your security deposit OACªª² at the prevailing bank rates.   
  • Your security deposit shall qualify you for the automotive privileges in the category you have selected. Furthermore, same deposit qualifies you for the credit line with your new Charge Card. Your vehicle usage fees and your monthly insurance premiums shall be charged regularly and need to be paid on due dates without fail.  You may use your charge card where accepted as payment for merchandise and/or services.
  • You have instant access to your credit and may charge services and/or merchandise where Grand Bazaar Card**** is accepted as form of payment.
  • When you are ready to receive your vehicle; give us the green light and we will charge your “Grand Bazaar Automotive Charge Card” the monthly insurance premiums and you shall be on your way to drive your brand-new vehicle. Each Vehicle category shall have an amount designated as “usage fee” to be paid by the member monthly. 
  • We wish you happy motoring from all of us at GRAND BAZAAR. Please refer to legal terms and conditions of the card application as well as the pertinent automotive compliance package.

(*) FORD Cars are: Fiesta/Focus, also Focus Electric, Fusion, Fusion Hybrid /Mustang/ Taurus;

SUV (Cross Over) Vehicles are: EcoSport/Escape/Flex, Edge, Explorer and Expedition;

Trucks & Vans are: F-150, Transit Connect, Ranger, Transit, Super Duty brands are available¹.

Choose a fine automobile, perhaps an SUV or a light truck. Upgrades are possible every other year.

(**) Maximum available miles to be driven are 24 thousand per 2 years. Then you get to drive another brand new vehicle of your choice. 

(***) Your GRAND BAZAAR pays 25% of the fuel charges for up to 170 liters or 45 gallons per month. Use your GRAND BAZAAR Prepaid MasterCard/Visa/Amex at any gas station for fuel for the allowable liters/gallons. 

(****) GRAND BAZAAR Charge Card in your name will be issued to you. Card will be valid for 6 years. As long as you pay the outstanding balance in full upon billing, you get to keep your vehicle and all other related privileges. Billing cycle is 29 days and you shall get 14 days grace period to pay the total outstanding balance monthly. Negligence and failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the card may result in suspension of the available credit privileges and curtail the application of the privileges procured.  

(*****) Acceptance is due to compliance by the financial institution receiving the deposit. Acceptance or rejection is NOT FOR CREDIT purposes and has nothing to do with the applicant’s credibility. If applicant is qualified to have a bank account, a charge card may be issued as well.

(******) For the term of the card your line of credit remains $15,000 and usable portion is $1,500.


(¹) Availability of certain models may vary according to location, Province/State, time of the year, and existing agreements between the manufacturers and the Grand Bazaar Group. Certain specialty products and custom made vehicles are excluded from this offer. Please check with our hospitality desk for availability, options, colors and models.

(²) GRAND BAZAAR own the vehicles. Insurance is provided by Grand Bazaar and the (user/driver) member shall pay the premium. Coverage costs may vary according to the member’s driving record. Please check for details with our hospitality desk.

(³)  $15,000 is based on U.S. currency if the applicant is residing in the USA. Canadian residents shall use CA$ as currency. European Union residents shall use € as the applicable currency. All other countries shall be in US$.


(ª) Designated bank account(s) may vary according to the applicant’s country of residence.

(ªª)  1. Security Deposit are totally refundable at the end of the 6-year term provided that the deposits are not forfeited due to default on the monthly Charge Card balances or the vehicles trusted to the possession of the members are not returned upon demand.

  1. Security Deposit amounts may be financed OAC. Your Security Deposit Account may be payable monthly for 72 months (12 months x 6 years) @ 6% APR for the duration of the term. Your principal deposit amount shall become fully refundable at the end of the term provided that your charge account with Grand Bazaar is in good standing.

(ªªª) 3. Usage Fees

  • Category <1> Qualification requires $ 3 per day for the vehicle usage fee
  • Category <2> Qualification requires $ 4 per day for the vehicle usage fee
  • Category <3> Qualification requires $ 5 per day for the vehicle usage fee
  • Category <4> Qualification requires $ 6 per day for the vehicle usage fee