Our Company

Grand Bazzar Ala Turk North America Company

“Grand Bazaar a’la Turk North America Corporation” has been established as a Federal company in Canada in order to organize, and offer to its club members the opportunity to shop either online or at the physical stores, which are at the planning stage currently, merchandise from the authentic grand bazaar merchants and supplier going back to hundreds of years. In addition to merchandise there will be food stuffs to delight all pallets  with their whole-some nature and the “halal” branding. Furthermore, our Membership shall be offered revolutionary services in home ownership, automotive, finance, extended healthcare, travel, education, retirement and stress-free living.



We plan to open 500 stores all around the world within the next 10 years. Our Pilot Store and its adjacent Mall is destined to be in Vancouver Canada, in a very exclusive neighborhood of Surrey British Columbia, which is named to be the fastest growing city in North America. This will be one of the most unique

developments after the original Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, which is the right approach to bring the internet shoppers to a historic department store vision with a new concept; full of surprises, high-quality but low prices, authentic and mysteriously intriguing settings with musical presentations, flash mob consumer attractions to name a few of the experiences we envisage and hope to make it happen. Here are the planned departments of our physical stores, depending on their locations and floor space allocations, variety of merchandise may differ from store to store.

Some of the departments/rayons for our proposed store(s) to be:


  1. fashion clothing, haute couture, leather, furs
  2. sportswear, jeans, swimwear
  3. silk wear
  4. lingerie
  5. shoes & bags
  6. accessories, stockings, belts, scarves, gloves etc.


  1. fashion suits, topcoats, high fashion leather
  2. shirts, ties
  3. sportswear and jeans
  4. shoes, boots, handbags and belts
  5. executive and business wear


  1. clothing fashion & sports
  2. shoes, bags and backpacks
  3. school wear
  4. toys and hobby


  1. real gold, exclusive design hand crafted rings, bracelets, chains and necklaces, also antiques and estate jewelry
  2. fashion and costume jewelry
  3. collector’s design jewelry

Household goods and wares

  1. exclusive hand-crafted furniture
  2. casual furniture and accessories
  3. floor coverings special design ICI patchwork carpets
  4. handwoven famous carpets and kilims
  5. famous glassware from a unique manufacturer
  6. kitchenware, accessories and table wear
  7. beddings, curtains, towels and bath wear


  1. top quality famous brand refrigerators, ovens, microwave and other kitchen electrical appliances
  2. lamps


  1. Top quality TV and music sets
  2. Personal computers

Gift wear

Health & Cosmetics

Food & Beverages, Specialty Products (all Helal Brand)


  1. optometry, eyeglasses, personal items
  2. dental
  3. banking and credit cards together with specialized services such as home ownership, automotive, finance, extended healthcare, travel, education, retirement and stress-free living.
  4. travel services from top world airline flying to 240 international destinations in 22 countries over 5 continents
  5. hair dressing
  6. bridal

Our Malls shall be adjoining to the GB Stores with their unique ambiance and authentic looks from food stuffs to most delightful delicious tasting edible morsels, mix with the mystique of middle eastern merchants offering hundreds of delightful merchandise, spices, handicrafts, unusual and beautiful jewelry, pottery, kilims and prayer rugs and much more. Grand Bazaar Malls are bringing to you, to our members the historical style of shopping where you can bargain and get your price and enjoy the experience. Please remember, at all times “your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money is refunded” .

Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.